Somersaulting cat wows the internet [Video]

  • A cat has captured the heart of millions of people on the internet.
  • The adorable cat can somersault at his owner’s command. 
  • Fans are giving the cat a 10/10 score for his trick. 

Millions of viewers have fallen in love with an adorable cat who performs somersaults on command.

In contrast to her sibling, Miso, Norah, a fluffy black cat, has mastered the astonishing skill.

Their owner has been posting videos of the two cute kitties on her TikTok profile, @misoandnorah.

One video uploaded last week drew TikTokers’ interest when the owner shouts off-camera “do it,” prompting Norah to execute a flip. She asks her to do another one, and Norah obliges.Β 

Their owner then asks Miso: “What can you do? Nothing. Okay.”

Miso responds with a depressed meow. The video was captioned: “One sister is more talented than the other…”


Since the video went viral, their owner has been posting more clips of Norah’s athleticism and Miso’s vocal ability.

Tac0caT wrote on the pair’s most popular video: “The second cat “I’m cute, I don’t need to do anything else.””

While Pocketnugs commented: “I think you mean catwheel.”

In response to questions about how Norah acquired her gift, their owner explained:

“For those wondering how she started doing this: it started with us given her taps on her behind. She would elevator bum so hard she’d flip over. Eventually she learned she could [wave emoji] her own behind without us.”

As their legions of admirers demanded more cartwheeling content, @misoandnorah uploaded another video on Wednesday where Norah does a lousy flip. 

In the caption, the owner wrote: “Norah’s always a 10/10 for me,” as people shared their own scores in the comments.

While dogs are recognized for obeying commands including rolling over, sitting, and heeling on command, cats are less well-known for doing so.


Cats may be taught tricks, such as somersaults, but it’s rare to see them obeying commands.

According to the Purina website, cats can learn all sorts of commands, but they like to do things in their own time. 

They also stated that cats are “motivated to do things in life that benefit them,” so using food or toys to encourage them to obey is a good idea.

Source: Newsweek

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