Son Photoshops Family Pic His Dad Hated For Years… The Result Will Leave You In Stitches! [Video]

  • Kyle Scheele had his first viral hit in TikTok after he shared a video of what he got his Dad for Christmas in 2020.
  • Kyle photoshopped a family picture his father hated for 30 years and viewers were left crying with laughter.
  • The hilarious video garnered nearly 63 million views.

A son came up with the “best gift idea” he’d ever had and the result was hilarious. 

TikToker Kyle Scheele has over 2.1 million followers. The motivational speaker and author scored his first major viral hit when he shared a Christmas gift he got for his dad in 2020. 

Scheele’s father always hated a family photo that hung in the house. For 30 years, the image seemed to haunt him. 


This is the best gift idea I’ve ever had. #greenscreen #photoshop #christmas #gift #family #familypictures #funny

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“My dad hates this picture so much because for no discernible reason the photographer only made my dad tilt his head,” Scheele said. “My dad didn’t know that until after the picture was already developed.” 

Scheele came up with an idea to right the wrong his father experienced. He Photoshopped the picture so that his father’s head was straight — but every other family member’s head was titled. He ordered a print of the new family photo and gave it to his dad for Christmas. 

The little scheme received a whopping 62.9 million views. Scheele later shared his mom and dad’s reaction.


I’ll put my mom’s laugh against yours any day. #photoshop #dadlean #christmas #gift #part2

♬ original sound – kylescheele

Both parents could not stop laughing at the funny photo and were also moved to tears. 

“This is the best freaking thing ever,” a user commented.

“I literally cried laughing too,” another wrote. 

“OK, but why am I crying,” someone added. 

Source: Yahoo!

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