Son’s Viral TikTok Video Saved His Dad’s Restaurant From Closing [Video]

  • A teen who knew how his dad struggle to keep the family restaurant open after the pandemic, came up with an idea to help him.
  • The son posted a video on TikTok showing his dad’s best attitude while working.
  • The video becomes viral and brought customers to the Utah-based restaurant.

We all know that small businesses were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some were even forced to make the difficult decision to close their doors forever.

Nico’s Mexican Restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been serving the community for almost 10 years. Owner Nico Cardenas also found himself struggling to keep the family restaurant open.

“I see him really stressed all the time,” said Nico’s son Carlos. “Not sad, but you can tell he’s trying to hide it.”

@clumzycarlos he looks so stressed😭😭 if you live in utah, make sure to check out my dad’s restaurant sometime! It’s called Nico’s Restaurant 😁😁 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #sad #restaurant #smallbusiness #relatable #mexican #mexicantiktok #mexicanrestaurant #utah ♬ sonido original – :’)

Carlos could not bear seeing his dad in this situation so he decided to do something to save his dad’s restaurant.

In hopes of drawing some customers, Carlos posted a video on TikTok where he shows his dad putting on his apron and showing the best attitude to start his workday. Carlos made another short clip of the empty restaurant saying that they did not get any customers on that day.

But social media worked its magic and thousands of TikTok users begin to like and comment on Carlos’ video!

Photo Credit: @clumzycarlos (TikTok)

What happened next is truly touching. Nico’s Restaurant started attracting dozens of customers who had seen the TikTok video.

Carlos said that his dad used to be skeptical about social media. But when he saw the amazing outcome from his son’s video, it definitely made him reconsider. The restaurant now even has its own TikTok account!

@clumzycarlos My dad was blown away with the amount of support he got from TikTok! If you guys want to support and continue watching this journey of my dad’s restaurant, I made him a TikTok account where we will post a lot of his food and anything else related to his restaurant! His TikTok is @nicosrestaurant ♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

“My dad was blown away with the amount of support he got from TikTok!” Carlos wrote on a different TikTok video.

It’s wonderful to be reminded of the positive impact of social media and the power it has to bring a community together.

Next time we are in Salt Lake City craving some tacos, we know where to go!

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