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Squirrels build a home on man’s window sill. This is how they sleep



  • Ludwig C. Timm, a photographer, spotted a few small twigs lying on his windowsill, which he thought were just blown by the wind.
  • Later on, he realized that some squirrels intentionally brought the twigs there to build their home.
  • Ludwig started documenting the lives of these furry beings living just right outside his window, and his favorite was the shot of them cozily sleeping!

Most of the time, photographers search for beautiful subjects they can capture and keep forever, but oftentimes, they just show up right in front of their eyes.

A few months ago, photographer Ludwig C. Timm spotted a few small twigs lying on his windowsill. He thought that they were just blown there by the wind. Turns out, tiny house construction was in progress.

“Then we saw the squirrels building,” Ludwig told The Dodo.

Photo Credit: Ludwig C. Timm/The Dodo

Apparently, the squirrels decided to build their nest outside the window, probably thinking it’s a good place to start a family.

Being a photographer himself, Ludwig took that once-in-a-lifetime chance to document the squirrels, and he wouldn’t do that by capturing some random ones running across the street, but by taking photos of these tiny creatures living right outside his window, every single day!

Photo Credit: Ludwig C. Timm/The Dodo

Ludwig has been watching over his new furry neighbors over the months, witnessing their growing babies kept warm on their nest, which was a nursery, too. He enjoyed taking photos of these cute tiny beings, but of all the snapshots he had, one particularly stood out: the squirrels’ nap!

Photo Credit: Ludwig C. Timm/The Dodo

“It was very lucky for me to be able to take the picture of the sleeping squirrels,” Ludwig said. “Normally they’re inside the nest, but it was hot that day, so they slept where I could see them.”

For some reason, watching the squirrels cozied up, enjoying their precious rest, was quite priceless. Ludwig was glad they chose that little spot to build their home. For him, it’s “a very nice coincidence” that they chose that spot. He will have to see the squirrels grow up, and that thought alone, somehow, brings a satisfying emotion.

Photo Credit: Ludwig C. Timm/The Dodo

Oh, if only these squirrels knew there’s a big guy up there keeping tabs on them and capturing every precious moment they have, they must have felt the same.

Source: The Dodo