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Toddler’s Favorite Pastime Is Watching Motorcycles with His Dog



  • Connor is happy watching trucks and motorcycles from the window with their golden retriever.
  • Connor is too short to see through their window, so props himself up on something just to see across.
  • His father decided to build something that could help his son with his favorite past time.

Connor’s past time is spent watching trucks and motorcycles from the window with their golden retriever, his best friend. The problem is, for their bonding time, he needs to prop himself up using a chair just to see across.

“He has a plush chair that he uses as a stool to look barely out the window but I’ve always felt bad he didn’t have a good view,” Dave Coughlin said, describing the situation with his son.

So, for the next free time on his hands, he started a project to help his son. He started to come up with ideas to make things easier for this past time.

“COVID boredom is real and I love random home improvement projects,” Dave said. “It was just something that popped into my head one day.”

The project was completed in four days. He made no use of elaborate plans for this “fort”. He said that after he purchased the lumber, he decided that the best approach is to improvise, so he just winged it.

“In hindsight, I got lucky it turned out well,” Dave said. “I kept randomly adding to it — the handrail top, the base molding. My wife told me to stop after a few days and let [Connor] play with it.”

Next, he taught his son how to crawl up the steps. This took a little time, but it was smooth sailing after that. Their window is now more accessible. Plus, this fort provides the perfect vantage point to look through the window.

 “Anytime Connor hears a horn or motorcycle, he gets very excited and runs to the steps,” Dave said. “Lucy is obsessed with squirrels or any guests so when he ran over, we duped her into thinking there was a squirrel.”

Connor is happy now that he could share the spot in front of the window. Now, he could spend more time with his best friend. It’s a win for both sides.

“She is one of the sweetest, most gentle dogs we know,” Dave said. “They have been close since he was born.” 

Source: The Dodo