TV Reporter Becomes Rescuer After Leaping Into Action To Save Nurse Trapped In Floodwaters

  • Tony Atkins is a WESH 2 News TV reporter but this time, he is the subject of the news for his heroism.
  • Atkins managed to bring a woman trapped in the floodwaters to safety and be able to report for work.
  • Social media is celebrating the reporter for his quick action.

You really do not know what a calamity can transform you into.  But for WESH 2 News Reporter Tony Atkins, it brought out the hero in him.

Hurricane Ian lashed out with heavy rains and brutal winds in Florida.  While covering the onslaught and damage of the hurricane, Atkins saw a woman, a nurse, got caught in the floodwaters while on her way to work.  Her car was stuck in waist-deep waters.

Atkins said that he did not see any law enforcement or others who could help the woman. And so, he waded to the woman’s car, helped her crawl her way out of a window and on to his back.  Atkins said, “I just used caution, and I just decided to slowly make my way out there and just help her out.”

The moment they reached just feet-deep waters, he let her down.

And later, on Thursday morning, Atkins was happy to post on Twitter that the nurse made it to her work.  His tweet said, “Her job as a nurse hung in the balance, according to her daughter.”  He also included the daughter’s heartfelt and grateful message, to which he said, “So glad things worked out.”

Hurricane Ian has left a billion in damages with entire communities demolished, businesses and homes without power, and people homeless.

Atkin’s heroism is a breath of fresh air and brings hope for more survivors to be rescued. 

Source: Yahoo! News

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She couldn’t walk through waist deep water? Give me a break.

You obviously didn’t have a positive role model as a child.