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Video Captures Blind and Deaf 200lb Dog’s Pure Joy When Woken Up for Daily Walk



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  • A heartwarming video of a deaf and blind dog’s excitement for his daily walk has gone viral, capturing the hearts of millions.
  • Dog walker Kelsey Belshaw shared the video on TikTok, expressing her love for the joy radiating from dogs when it’s time for a walk.
  • Users were moved by Belshaw’s care for Groot, the 200lb Great Dane, and shared tips for handling deaf dogs.

In a heartwarming video that has taken the internet by storm, a deaf and blind dog named Groot has shown the world that nothing can dampen his enthusiasm for his daily walk.

The viral video, shared on TikTok by dog walker Kelsey Belshaw, has melted the hearts of over 2.3 million viewers since it was first posted on October 25.


My favoirite part of being a dog walker? THIS! The excitment and haloiness that radiates from them when they know its tine for a walk! I’m pouring my heart and soul into this ventire because it feels right. For the first time ever, I’m putting my passions above anythig else and hoping to make this a filltime career 💼🌈🐾 Let this be your aign to do what you love and love what you do 🤍 theres no better time then now. #followingmydream #dogwalker #dogsitter #dogsitting #greatdane #greatdanesoftiktok #blindanddeaf #blindanddeafdog ♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

Belshaw, clearly captivated by the pure joy that dogs exude when it’s time for a walk, wrote, “My favorite part of being a dog walker? THIS! The excitement that radiates from them when they know it’s time for a walk.”

Her love and dedication to her furry clients have touched the hearts of many.

Users on TikTok were moved by Belshaw’s care for Groot, expressing their admiration for her interaction with the deaf and blind dog.

One user commented, “I love that even though he can’t hear, you still talk to him.”

Another user shared their own experience, saying, “We had a deaf dog, and we found the best way to wake him up was by gently blowing on his face! It didn’t startle him as much!”


Deafness in dogs can present unique challenges, as explained by Patrik Holmboe, a head veterinarian at Cooper Pet Care in The Netherlands.

Holmboe highlighted that the degree of deafness and the observer’s alertness play a role in identifying and diagnosing hearing impairments in animals.

He emphasized the importance of assessing a dog’s response to auditory cues and explained the primary test for deafness, called the Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response.

While deafness is more common in dogs than cats, blind dogs also require special attention.

The U.K’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) recommends that owners of blind dogs frequently speak to their pets, familiarizing them with their voice and different tones.

This helps visually-impaired dogs feel more confident and aware of their surroundings, enabling them to respond to potential dangers.


The heartwarming video of Groot’s excitement for his daily walk serves as a reminder that no disability can diminish the joy and happiness that dogs bring to our lives.

Belshaw’s dedication to Groot’s well-being has touched the hearts of millions, and her video has become a source of inspiration for dog lovers around the world.