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Video Showcases Cat Experiencing Calming Effects As She Preps For Trip



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  • A TikTok video displayed Fluffy the cat experiencing the calming effects of gabapentin during a coast-to-coast journey.
  • The feline, previously nervous during car rides, was relaxed and slept through most of the extensive road trip.
  • Zagrius, Fluffy’s feline brother, also benefited from a lower dose of the medication, proving to be a great traveler during the lengthy
  • adventure.

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For a lengthy road trip, ensuring our furry friends remain calm can be a challenge. One pet owner discovered a solution for her anxious feline friend, Fluffy, and shared their experience in a TikTok video posted on the account @zagfluffnstuff.

According to the tale, Fluffy was medically prepared with gabapentin, a medication prescribed by veterinarians, for their 20-hour journey from North Carolina to Minnesota. This effective remedy, often used to alleviate anxiety and stress typically provoked by travel, vet visits, thunderstorms, or fireworks, also helps manage seizures and chronic pain.

Fluffy’s owner, Sophia Palia, shared via TikTok, “He would cry the entire drive and just wanted to get out of the car,” She continued, “I discussed with my vet and they suggested gabapentin for him to help with his anxiety over a several-day journey.”

In the shared video, viewers watch as Fluffy becomes increasingly relaxed with the onset of the medication; “The medication caused him to feel drowsy and he ended up sleeping most of the journey,” Palia mentioned. “I was really apprehensive about traveling such a distance with him since the car seemed to cause him a lot of distress, but gabapentin was a lifesaver.”


For this long expedition, Fluffy wasn’t the only cat administered medication. Zagrius, Palia’s other feline, already an expert traveler, was given a lower dose of gabapentin. Like Fluffy, he too enjoyed a peaceful, sleep-filled journey.

Gabapentin is deemed safe for cats, even though it can cause a few side effects like drowsiness, unstable walking, and occasionally, an upset stomach. In rare instances, cats may find it difficult to breathe and encounter facial swelling.

Besides medication, there are other means to prepare your cats for travel. Training your cats to regard their carrier as a safe space can be very helpful. Feeding your cat within the carrier and rewarding them for spending time in it could foster a positive association.

Gradually introducing them to the sounds and movements of a vehicle can also be effective. Begin with short drives and always make it a rewarding experience for your cherished pet.

The cute video of Fluffy’s journey quickly garnered attention online, receiving over 663,800 views, 98,400 likes, and 623 comments. “If I hadn’t seen kitty blink, I would have thought the carrier clip was a photo, not a video!” one viewer comically remarked.


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