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When Doggos Hear “Good Boy” & “Good Girl” — Their Reactions Are Everything!



Quick Smiles:

  • A heartwarming TikTok video showcases pups having their day made with sweet affirmations.
  • The moment they hear “good boy” or “good girl,” their tails and spirits soar!
  • Remember, speaking lovingly to our fur babies deepens the bond and does wonders for their wellbeing.

If you’ve ever doubted the age-old saying that dogs are man’s best friend, then this utterly heartwarming TikTok video from @spotonvet is about to change all that!

Set in a bustling doggy daycare, we’re first treated to scenes of our furry pals chilling out. Some are simply lounging, while others indulge in playful antics. But then, the staff introduces a simple yet magical twist.

They start uttering those golden words we all love — “good boy” and “good girl.” And OMG, the reactions? PURE GOLD.

In the blink of an eye, the once-distracted pups transform into balls of ecstatic joy! Tails whip around, and those puppy eyes? They light up like a thousand stars.

But here’s the kicker. This video isn’t just an overdose of cuteness. It beautifully illustrates how our words and tone can resonate deeply with our pets. As the wise ones say, dogs aren’t just listening to our words, they’re vibing with our energy. “Dogs are incredibly intuitive creatures. They can easily gauge our moods and emotions through our tone of voice.”


Moreover, this isn’t just about making them feel good (although that’s majorly important). Using such positive affirmations is rooted in the principle of positive reinforcement. When our fur buddies hear these words of love, they’re not just getting an earful; they’re feeling the warmth and care oozing from us.

So, the big takeaway from this pawsome video? The simplest joys often leave the biggest impact. Whether it’s for our pets or ourselves, kind words paired with a genuine tone can turn any ordinary day into a tail-wagging fiesta! So don’t wait – find your pet and remind them how GOOD they truly are! 🐾❤️🐶