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Wild Bird Grew Up With A Human Mom And Learned How To Talk And Sound Incredibly Like Her Voice!



  • A woman named Lyndsay rescued Birdbird in a warehouse when he was still a newborn and very tiny.
  • She did call rescue shelters but they are hesitant to take him because Starling birds are considered invasive.
  • So she took Birdbird home, took care of him, and later on, he learned how to talk and sound like her!

It is normally difficult to domesticate a wild animal and tame it to become a pet. But Birdbird the starling, is different.

One day, Lyndsay was on duty when she heard a noise nearby. So she went on to check where it came from and found a baby starling in the warehouse. She quickly called rescue from rehabilitation clinics but she learned that starlings are invasive and the shelters were hesitant to take the bird.


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Thinking that she could manage to care for another bird since she already has chickens and other animals, she brought Birdbird home intending to nurse him only until he’s able to fly and go back to the wild.

But the problem is, Birdbird has grown to love her so much and refuses to get separated from her.

“I think he knows that I saved him,” she said on a Facebook post. “He definitely looks at me like his mom. I guess he feels comfortable. He sees me as like a safe place. He’s part of our family. He is our kid.”

Well, since Birdbird grew up hearing Lyndsay’s voice, he started imitating her one day.

While songbirds and parrots can mimic human voices but still sound more chirpy, Birdbird is a little extra special because she could sound almost exactly the same as her mom! He repeats the words he hears from his mom, whatever it is.


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“No cussing!” Lyndsay would remind him. But what he loves repeating most of the time are sweet words like “I love you” or  “Give me kisses.”

“I never noticed how much he sounds like me until people were saying it. It’s not perfect but his speech is just unreal,” Lyndsay said.


He is also very playful. “He picks up stuff from the TV, from my husband, me,” Lyndsay said. “Now he does this creepy laugh, and I’m like, ‘Where’d you get that from? ‘Cause I don’t think I laugh like that.’”


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While Birdbird has all the chance to fly away and go back to the wild, it seems like leaving is never part of his plan at all.

Lyndsay on the other hand loves Birdbird so much she “wouldn’t trade him for the world.”

Source: InspireMore