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Winter Friendship: Collie offers himself as the warming blankie to newborn calf



Winter in a Saskatchewan farm has birthed a rather unusual but adorable friendship — between a newborn calf and a collie.

One icy day, Bonnie Potoroka decided to check on her pregnant heifer named Summer. To her surprise, Summer’s newborn offspring came out ahead of the expected schedule, and she was already in danger from the cold weather.

“It just wasn’t warm enough,” Bonnie told CBC News. “A baby is wet when it’s born, and she was already getting cold and her ears were starting to freeze, so I took her to the heated shop and that’s where she stayed.”

The temperature then was hitting negative, freezing enough to give someone frostbites. But thanks to the heater, and Bonnie’s collie, Mickey, for warming the not-yet-named girl calf.

Photo Credit: Bonnie Potoroka/Good News Network

In fact, Mickey would spend a lot of time with her, and the two are just lying down together. They have become so inseparable even with them just sleeping side by side most of the time.

“She’ll lay down on the rug and he’ll come next to her and lay down beside her. They usually just sleep together,” Bonnie told CBC.

Photo Credit: Bonnie Potoroka/Good News Network

With Mickey making friendly gestures to his farm-mates for the first time, Bonnie thinks their friendship might last long. Seeing how the two appear over the moon with each other affirms that thought.

Well, it’s a kind of friendship everyone wants a happy ending for.

Source: Good News Network