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8-year-old cancer survivor sells record number of Girl Scout cookies for sick kids



  • Lilly Bumpus had a rare cancer as early as infancy.
  • The brave girl has since won the battle and is now doing her part to help “end” cancer.
  • She sold more than 32,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, the highest sales so far, and will be donating most of the proceeds to support other cancer-battling children.

Cancer has turned this eight-year-old girl into a fearless warrior.

Lilly Bumpus was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare type of cancer affecting the bones or bone tissues, when she was an infant. The little girl survived, and armed herself with the mindset that people can “end” cancer.

“The world hates cancer just like we do, mom. It’s time for us all to work together to end it! End it for once and for all,” the brave girl said.

Photo Credit: Lilly Bumpus/Facebook

Her boldness didn’t stop there. Lilly has, of course, taken a step forward to achieve her mission. She started selling cookies of Girl Scouts, a US organization that started cookie selling in 1922 for a cause.

The strong-willed Lilly sold 32,484 boxes in a single season — the highest record of Girl Scout! A huge portion of the proceeds will be donated to childhood cancer research and an organization for the homeless.

This accomplishment was not something out of luck; it was a fruit of Lilly’s hard work. She badly wants to inspire children battling cancer, so that, like her, they too can win against it.

“She showed our community and the world it’s more than just buying cookies or buying a product,” Lilly’s mother, Trish Bauer, told The San Bernardino Sun.

“It’s supporting someone’s dream. Whether it’s a business owner or an 8-year-old girl slinging Girl Scout cookies, Lilly encouraged people to support a dream and a mission, not just a product.”

Photo Credit: Lilly Bumpus/Facebook

Lilly has taken her cancer awareness advocacy to social media, making it easier for her to solicit support for her mission. These efforts paid off as her reach extended not only across the US, but also to Canada, England, Spain, Paris, Rome, and even Egypt!

“[The world] is showing my 8-year-old cookie-hustling cancer survivor that together we can and will end cancer,” she posted to Facebook. “That nothing is impossible when you make it possible!”

She spent two months’ worth of afternoons in the selling booth she set up outside their house. There was also a time when Lilly and her mom “boothed” for 11 hours straight just to sell cookies!

“It feels like the world believes in me and it feels really good,” Lilly told the San Bernardino Sun.


“It means so much to me that people are coming to support me by buying cookies,” she continued. “The reason I wanted to beat the record is because I wanted to help all kinds of Girl Scouts in the world and tell them they can do it just like I did… I just wanted to be inspiring. I wanted to help.”

Source: Good News Network