A 3-Legged Stray Cat Named Bubby Finds Love with Forever Family

  • Bubby the stray cat came unexpectedly into the lives of Boyd Abbott and his family, but that connection faded when Boyd passed away.
  • It was two years later that he was adopted by Sarah McLeod.
  • He happily lived his remaining years surrounded by love.

Around 10 years ago, a stray cat ate the food meant for other strays in the kitchen of Boyd Abbott in Newfoundland, Canada. The cat, named Bubby, surprised him, but it marked the beginning of their beautiful relationship.

Rhonda Wiseman, Boyd’s daughter recalled, “He started to come into the house. We all got to know him, we all fell in love with him. My dad just created this super bond with Bubby, and it was really close. It was his little buddy, his company in the evening … they loved each other.”

Photo Credit: @somebubbytolove (Instagram)

They answered each other’s mutual need: Bubby became Boyd’s companion while enjoying the steady supply of food. But in spite of the bond, Bubby always preferred staying outside.

When Boyd passed away in 2017, his family continued to provide food for Bubby, but he eventually started visiting them less until he simply disappeared.

Photo Credit: @somebubbytolove (Instagram)

But a Facebook post from the Exploits Valley SPCA page two years after got the family in touch with Bubby again.

Unknown to them, their neighbor Ray Pinsent started a community-wide effort to find Bubby. He recognized him as Boyd’s cat best friend when he saw him a few months ago. Bubby was supposed to be rescued from living on the streets but he managed to escape the group. As the winter months approached, they were worried he might not survive the cold. 

Bubby eventually surfaced in Boyd’s house, where the new owner let him in and notified Ray.

Sarah McLeod, an Exploits Valley SPCA volunteer, said, “Bubby was dehydrated, beat up and all. He was sent to the vet and would not have survived another storm.” And so began another special love between Bubby and Sarah as she adopted him for good.

Photo Credit: @somebubbytolove (Instagram)

Sarah said, “Bubby with his sad human eyes was loved once before, and he is now again. He purrs the minute he wakes up in the morning and as he goes to sleep every night. He must know that he’s home now, for good.”

Having found love again, Bubby stayed home more and lived a mostly indoor life.

Sadly, after two years of a loving and full life with Sarah, Bubby had to say goodbye.

Photo Credit: @somebubbytolove (Instagram)

It might have been short and sweet, but Bubby has touched Boyd and Sarah’s families with a love that makes him unforgettable.


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