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Adorable Golden Retriever “Upset” Over His ‘Pup Cup’ Halloween Costume [Video]



  • TikTok user @maverickthegolden decided on dressing up her dog Maverick as a Starbucks’ Pup Cup for Halloween.
  • When Maverick tried it on, he did not like the tutu and the headband that came with the costume.
  • Maverick turned his back on his mom and kept on pawing at the offensive headband until his mom removed it.

Halloween is coming and pet owners are in a frenzy on what to dress their children with.  Will the kids rock a ghost costume or a ghoul?  What about superman or spiderman?  For a pet lover, anything would certainly look adorable on the pups.  But as one Golden Retriever tried on his outfit, he was not just happy with it.  And he is not afraid to show mom his dismay over the offending part.

TikTok user @maverickthegolden’s video showed Maverick was not pleased about the tutu and the white flower headband on his Pup Cup from Starbucks costume.  And no amount of Mom’s explanation is acceptable.  He kept on pawing at the headband!

And he was so relieved when his mom pulled it out.  But he was still looking at his mom to say, “The tutu has to follow too, mom.”

Viewers are all sympathizing with Maverick. @ld2709 said, “Yeah, it’s definitely the tutu sending him over the edge,” and @sweetpeachcustoms quipped, ‘Baby said “I WANTED a Pup Cup NOT to be a Pup Cup.”‘

But still, others found Maverick cute despite the tutu fiasco. @lrg1968 wrote, “Oh my gosh he’s the cutest Pup Cup ever!” and @thecorporatenerd commented, “He is going to make all the pups jealous.”

Photo Credit: @maverickthegolden (TikTok)

Don’t worry, Maverick.  Mom heard you and she’s seriously taking note of your complaints. But can you please pass by Starbucks and order a Pup Cup while wearing your costume? You will surely make the baristas’ day.

Source: Pet Helpful