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Adorable Goldendoodle Changes Status From Client To Home Depot’s ‘Pawssociate of the Month’



  • Brynnie the Goldendoodle had to have surgery for her torn ligaments when she was injured.
  • Part of her rehabilitation from the double knee surgeries is to walk the aisles of the cool Home Depot.
  • While on one of her laps, she met the manager Maddie, who was enamored with the pup and gave her an Associate of the Month apron.

When two-year-old mini Goldendoodle mix Brynnie tore both of her back legs’ ligaments, she had to have vet treatments.

Photo Credit: Christiana Yerba

Her mom, Christiana Yerba said, “We wanted to make sure she had a full life ahead of playing and running, so we chose to have tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) surgery.”

Brynnie had successful double knee surgeries but the healing process was difficult.  She was told to avoid any physical injury for a whole month.

Photo Credit: Christiana Yerba

Later, she was allowed 5 to 10-minute walks and what better place to have it but at their local Home Depot to avoid the Texas sizzling heat.

Yerba said, “We started walking through the aisles every weekend to stay cool and to build up muscle.”

That is where Brynnie got to meet and established eye contact with the store manager, Maddie. Yerba said, “We joke that once you make eye contact with Brynnie, she has to say hi. And that’s what happened!”

Maddie got to know of Brynnie’s story and the reason why she has been taking laps around the store.  Maddie was charmed by Brynnie and she wanted to present her with a special gift— an Associate of the Month apron!

Photo Credit: Christiana Yerba

The cute apron looked like a cape on Brynnie and in a photo taken shortly, you could see the huge smile on Brynnie’s face.

The Home Depot laps may end once Brynnie heals, but being made a Pawssociate has really touched her family.  And they are thankful for Maddie and all the associates at Home Depot for making Brynnie feel at home.

Photo Credit: Christiana Yerba

We are sure Brynnie’s going to make visits for once a Pawssociate, always a Pawssociate.

Source: The Dodo