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Baby Racoons Saved from Trash Bin by Dog and His Mom



  • Mom and dog’s early morning walk turns into a rescue mission to save baby racoons.
  • Three baby racoons were trapped in a trash bin and the duo rushed in with a broom to serve as a ladder for the babies.
  • The racoons understood their intention and climbed up the ladder to safety.

Seeing turkeys, deer, opossums and racoons in their neighborhood is nothing new to Toby the dog and his mom, Rebecca Brooks. But on this early morning walk, Toby was so focused on a trash bin which prompted his mom to investigate.

Brooks said, “That’s when I heard some scratching noises and saw two tiny black paws trying to reach the top of the bin. We walked over and that’s when I noticed three baby raccoons trying to get out, but the trash was too low for them to do so.”

@tobytok19 A fun little rescue at 5am. At least they had full bellies 🥰 #racoonbabies #dumpsterdiving #animalrescue #tobytok ♬ original sound – Toblerone

The duo immediately went to their home to look for something to help the baby racoons climb up the bin.

Brooks woke her daughter up to film the whole process while she grabbed the broom.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Brooks

Good thing the babies were not in any way scared and reluctant to climb up the makeshift ladder and make their way out. They even stopped as if to thank Brooks and Toby before heading off.

As a precautionary measure, Brooks would find a piece of wood or an inexpensive ladder and put it near the bin just in case something like this happens again.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Brooks

This is not the first time the duo managed to rescue wildlife.  Brooks said, “We rescued a bigger raccoon a year or so ago with the help of a neighbor’s ladder.”

Photo Credit: Rebecca Brooks

Brooks said she is thankful that Toby led her to the bin and the babies understood that she and Toby were rescuing them.  She said, “Toby was amazing. Not a single bark or growl the entire time. Mama and babies have been seen around the area, skittering from one storm drain to another. I can only imagine our neighborhood dumpster buffet feeds them well.”

Good job, Tony and Brooks!

Source: The Dodo