Backcountry skier rescued after waving arm from under snow! [Video]


  • A backcountry skier was buried under snow in Switzerland after an avalanche hit.
  • The man’s family alerted rescue services when he didn’t return on time, and a helicopter was dispatched with a paramedic and two rescue guides.
  • The rescue team spotted the man waving his arm from under the snow using a searchlight and successfully extracted him to safety.

In Switzerland’s Lidairdes region, a backcountry skier got buried under snow after an avalanche struck. Luckily, the man’s family alerted rescue services, who quickly dispatched a helicopter with a paramedic and two rescue guides to find him.

After tracing visible ski tracks, the team spotted the man’s arm waving at them from under the snow using a searchlight! They successfully extracted him to safety, hoisting him up 30 meters. What a miraculous rescue!


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