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Black Kitty That Has Seen All His Siblings Get Adopted Finally Found A Family



  • Black cats are not always lucky to get adopted fast. 
  • Same thing happened to Lucky, a black kitty, who had trouble finding his forever home. 
  • Luckily, a couple came to adopt their first pet and Lucky was their lucky choice!

Black cats often get adopted last. But Lucky was lucky enough to find his forever home.

With Arlington County in Virginia’s trap-neuter-release program, the residents catch stray cats, have a veterinarian spay or neuter them, then release them back to the neighborhood, because they usually won’t do good inside homes — they are called “community cats” and the little black kitten was born to a “community cat” mother.

The baby kitties like Lucky can then join the Animal Welfare League of Arlington’s Kitten College foster program.

Photo Credit: Animal Welfare League of Arlington

“We have to bring kittens in before they hit about the six-week mark, because before six weeks is really the socialization window for kittens. It becomes a lot more difficult to get them to adjust to being a pet after six weeks,” the organization’s spokesperson, Chelsea Jones, told TODAY. 

Lucky was 3-4 weeks old when he joined the Kitten College in August. He only weighed 1.2 pounds but he was thriving. When he reached 8 weeks old, it was time for his adoption which proved to be difficult because…he is black. 

His siblings have been adopted and well he got adopted once, but also got returned after three days, because according to the family, it was a lot of work to have a kitten. 

Photo Credit: Animal Welfare League of Arlington

Lucky has had roommates who have different fur colors and they all got adopted. This is actually a challenge faced not only in Virginia but across the country because of the old superstitious beliefs. 

“I don’t necessarily believe that people don’t like black cats, but we do tend to find they often get picked last,” Chelsea said.

Then Lucky’s luck came when Caitlyn Hart, 24, and fiancé, Ben Owens, 25, paid a visit to the shelter and decided to adopt him! He was their first and they love black cats like him who looked a bit mischievous. 

Photo Credit: Caitlyn Hart and Ben Owens

“The adoption process is the special part because I’m also adopted,” Caitlyn told TODAY. She said she had the best parents and she wants to give back and shower Lucky with lots of love. 

As it turned out, Lucky is a sweet kitty and loves to be around his parents all the time. He has warmed up to them quickly and it moved Caitlyn knowing that he considers them as his parents now. 


“He literally lets both of us hold him like a baby,” she said. “He always has to have a paw on us or be near us.”

Photo Credit: Caitlyn Hart and Ben Owens

Both of them are teachers — Caitlyn being a dance teacher and Ben teaching science. Whenever they are doing his job, Lucky would quietly snuggle with Ben. 

“It’s just cute to see that relationship building,” Caitlyn said.

Source: TODAY