Blind Cat Dodges Every Rescue Effort To Live The Life He Wants

  • A blind cat chooses to live in and around a store instead of being rescued.
  • The rescues tried to trap and bring him to a shelter but the cat would have none of it and escaped every attempt.
  • He is now being taken care of by the store and its employees ensuring that he has food and shelter plus vet check-ups on a regular basis.

“Rescues came on several occasions and tried different methods of trapping him,” Jada Hamby, owner of the store where the cat chose to live said. “He was too smart for all of their tricks!”

The cat appeared at their store one day and they discovered that he was blind and hard of hearing.  Hamby and the store employees named him Dumpster because he was found in one.  But because of his condition, they were concerned for the cat’s health— the reason why they contacted rescuers.

But Dumpster evaded their attempts.  He loved living in the store and he had no plans of changing his residence.

Photo Credit: Jada Hamby

Thus, they chose to leave him alone. 

The reason: familiarity with the environment is important for a blind cat.  Dumpster knows every nook and cranny of the store like the back of his paw. Transplanting him to another place would entail a lot of adjustments. 

But they did not just let him have his way.  First, Dumpster had to be trapped and neutered then returned to the store.  Second, they had to be assured that Dumpster was safe, content and thriving with regular vet health check-ups and clean food and water. All the store employees have been taking care of him.

Photo Credit: Jada Hamby

Hamby said, “He loves lounging in the sun on top of our boxes and has shelter from the rain.” Hamby added. “He greets us every morning meowing and demanding his breakfast! He’s a very vocal cat and loves to have conversations with us.”

In spite of his vocals with the humans, Dumpster is still not comfortable being touched but one employee was able to pet him. 

Hamby said, “We aren’t sure whether it was a consensual petting or if our warehouse guy was just able to be extra sneaky, but we’re counting it as a win either way.”

Photo Credit: Jada Hamby

Who knows what Dumpster would consent to next?  But we sure do respect his independence. Have a long and happy life, Dumpster!

Source: The Dodo

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