Cat ‘Ex-lovers’ Have Dramatic Fight After Meeting Again For The First Time [Video]

  • Nanoos the cat was chilling on the couch when her ex-boyfriend suddenly walks in.
  • She hissed at him a couple of times, and when he smacked her with his paw, she had to retaliate!
  • TikTok viewers couldn’t get enough of the dramatic cat fight between two ex-lovers.

Unexpectedly bumping into someone when you least expect it, especially when you’re not prepared, can be jarring. The feeling could be much worse when the person you run into is your ex-boyfriend, especially if you didn’t end things well. The encounter could either lead to the two of you simply ignoring each other, or it could get messy — which is what happened with two feline ex-lovers.

Nanoos the cat was just chilling on the couch, until she was shocked to see her ex-boyfriend playing with the toys on the carpet.

Photo Credit: TikTok/nanoosontheloose

Nanoos’ mom explains that this is the first time that Nanoos sees her ex again.

When he starts approaching her, Nanoos gives him some warning hisses. Pretty soon, it turns into a dramatic fight that involves a lot of fast-hitting paws.

That was one heated battle!

Things must have ended badly between the two of them, and TikTok viewers are now itching with curiosity about the ex-lovers’ past.

TikTok user @shiro_okamio “What did they break up about because it looks hella serious?” Several others asked to hear all the juicy gossip behind the break-up.

Photo Credit: TikTok/nanoosontheloose

Viewers were quick to side with Nanoos even without hearing the details.

TikTok user @raphaelkhouri noted, “He hit her first! He’s all red flags disguised as cute meows.” Another viewer, @christynunez, agreed, “He’s too chill, he’s guilty.”

We don’t know what went on with their relationship, but it’s obvious that Nanoos knows how to stand up for herself.

Nanoos receives a lot of love from her human family, so she can take her time before opening up to a new feline love.

Source: Pet Helpful

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kurt gandenberger

i have some exes who treated me badly. there is nothing to be done at this stage.