Cat Obsessed With Packing Peanuts Is Taking The Internet By Storm [Video]

  • Kiki the kitty’s video of her enjoying her nap time in a packing peanut-filled box has earned her 300,000 followers in 2021.
  • When her sleeping place got upgraded to a pool filled with packing peanuts, her followers also increased to 1.8 million.
  • Her video with the “It’s Corn” background has already reached 8.7 million views since it was posted last September 1.   

Cats spend almost two-thirds of their lifetime sleeping.  So, it is no wonder that they look for the coziest places to sleep — boxes, cabinets, on top of tables or shelves, pillows, on the bed, name it, they would sleep on it.

But one kitty is taking the internet by storm because of her special place to nap in — a pool filled with packing peanuts!

In user @kikiandkilo’s clip, lil’ gray cat is relaxing in the pool of peanuts and lulling herself to sleep. Set to “It’s Corn” by Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy, Kiki feels like a princess lounging.  This is where she also plays, gets chin scratches from her parents, and chills.

The viewers cannot get enough of her.  The proof is the 8.7 million views that it has accumulated since it was posted on September 1.

Kiki’s first video of her packing peanut obsession in February of 2021 earned her 300,000 followers.  This paved way for her upgrade from the peanuts in a box to a pool filled with them! 

Oh, and please take note that the packing peanuts are pink.  Fit for the glam queen that Kiki is.

As of now, 1.8 million followers are glued to Kiki in her pool of pink packing peanuts. So far, the “It’s Corn” video has garnered 1.5 million likes.

Would Kiki’s owner be upgrading Kiki’s pool to a bigger one or is it going to be a new room just for her peanuts?

Keep the videos coming! 

Source: Daily Paws

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