Cat’s Actions Saves Her Owner from Heart Attack

  • Billy the cat may not be a lap cat but when he sensed his owner’s emergency, he did not stop pounding on her chest and meowing loudly to wake her up.
  • Upon waking, his owner realized that her right side was painful and she could not move her body.
  • At the hospital, they found out she had a heart attack in her sleep and if not for the cat’s actions, she could not have reached the hospital in time to save her.

Animals have the ability to tell when a person’s blood sugar is up or when an epileptic seizure is imminent.  Some can calm nervous breakdowns. That is why some animals are trained to be support animals for persons in need of special attention.

But this hero cat woke her owner by pounding his paws on her chest after she unknowingly suffered a heart attack.

Sam Felstead said that she woke up to Billy the cat’s loud meows in her ear while pummeling her chest.  “He was really meowing and he wouldn’t leave me. He doesn’t do that normally. He’s never woken me up before,” added Felstead.

Add to that, Billy was not the kind of cat that would stay in your lap.  Billy needed to be alone.  And so, it was very unusual behavior for Billy to be waking her up at 4:30 am and be on her chest.

That is when she realized that she could not move her body and that her right side was painful which prompted her to call her mom for help.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Her mom Karen rushed her to the hospital where they learned that she had a heart attack in her sleep. It turns out that one of her arteries was blocked and doctors used a balloon to open it up.

Sam said, “I was a bit shocked. I went to bed and I felt fine. I’d even been out with the dogs—and I didn’t feel ill or have any pains whatsoever.

After three days in the hospital, she was allowed to go home and be reunited with Billy.

The cat was able to save her by alerting her to her condition and getting her to the hospital in time.

Thanks, Billy!

Source: Good News Network

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That’s a ‘pretty AMAZING CAT’!

Billy knows he did good, his face shows it plainly.