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Cat’s Mysterious Behavior Results in Surprising Discovery



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  • An observant owner started filming her cat due to the pet’s bizarre behavior, subsequently leading to a surprising discovery.
  • The anxious cat was actually about to give birth, and soon ushered two adorable kittens into the world.
  • The event became a viral sensation, amassing more than 600,000 views on TikTok, turning the cat and her kittens into internet favorites.

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TikTok user @beccajhowell began filming her furry companion after detecting odd behavior. The cat had started hiding in a cramped corner, persistently meowing even when attempts were made to soothe it with snacks. The ongoing meowing seemed as if the cat was trying to convey an urgent message.

When another cat came close, the agitated feline clearly indicated that it wanted to be alone, deepening the mystery. Soon, the reason behind the behavior was revealed – the cat was a mother in the throes of labor.

The spectacle was captured in a TikTok video uploaded on May 18. By the end of the day, the world was introduced to two cute kittens, a female and a male.
“The way she cuddled her baby is the cutest thing I’ve seen,” one viewer commented, echoing the sentiments of many others.

Increasing the intrigue, an observer noted, “I like how she lifted her leg to clean her baby.”
The watchful mother cat remained protective and nurturing, keeping her newborns close and always within sight.


Following the birth of the kittens, @beccajhowell kept her followers updated on the kittens’ progress through a separate TikTok account (lunakittyarlo_). She relocated the new family to a more secluded spot, transforming an empty drawer into a comfortable sanctuary. Here, the new mom showered her babies with grooming and cuddling sessions.

Detecting a cat pregnancy can be complex, particularly during the first two trimesters. The initial noticeable sign is known as “pinking up,” where the cat’s nipples turn a pinker tone and become more noticeable, typically 16 to 20 days into the pregnancy.

During the final 20 days of pregnancy, the abdomen and mammary regions begin to enlarge noticeably. Cats may also groom their bellies or beneath their tails more frequently and start looking for places to “nest” and give birth to their kittens.

Determining your cat’s due date can be equally daunting. Veterinarians might be able to touch the kittens around two and a half weeks into the pregnancy. Around the third or fourth week, they could hear the kittens’ heartbeats, and by six weeks, the kittens can be seen on an X-ray.


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