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Chihuahua Comforts Little Boy Her Parents Adopted, Helps Him Overcome Fear Of Dogs Through Kisses [Video]



  • Mini the Chihuahua is persistent in helping the little boy her parents adopted to overcome his fear of dogs.
  • Mini was comforting the little boy, as he adjusts to his new life with his new family.
  • Mini refused to take no for an answer, and now they are best of friends.

This is a story about a rescue dog that wants to share the love that she received. The Chihuahua may not be very big, but she is incredibly tenacious in showing her affections.

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Holly and Chris Brookhouser live in Centerton, Arkansas. The couple adopted Marcelo in 2018, placing two children and two dogs into their household. Predictably, the family had to make adjustments after their newest addition. In their case, it was obvious that the little boy had an irrational fear of dogs.

“When he got here, he was pretty terrified of the dogs. He screamed pretty loud the first day, and I was like oh man they warned us that that could happen,” Holly said. “But Mini was relentless in her love.”

Facebook | Holly Brookhouser

Mini was there comforting the little boy, every step of the way. Marcelo managed to adjust to his new life with his new family with ease because of this.

“Mini loves little kids, so she wanted to be with him and wanted to know him,” Holly added. “He started getting a little more curious about her, but that first kiss that she gave him… it just won him over.”

Facebook | Holly Brookhouser

Persistence was key. These days, the little boy and the dog are inseparable from waking up in the morning to snuggling each night after their parents tuck them to bed. It is almost hard to believe now that the little boy was afraid of dogs.

“She rides in the car with me, and she brings me to school,” Marcelo said.

Holly could not resist sharing the adorable friendship on social media. She is an advocate for pet adoption herself and this is probably one of the best ways for her to prove that rescuing animals and showering them with affection could lead to friendships like this one.

Facebook | Holly Brookhouser

Now, this story is an inspiration to people around the world. Not only will rescuing animals give them a second chance in life, but you could also bring home a pet brimming with happiness.

“My whole goal in sharing them was to show people that rescue dogs can be pretty awesome and to give them a chance,” Holly said. “It’s been funny, we’ve gotten so many messages, and people just want to know more.”

Mini simply refused to take no for an answer. Clearly, she wanted to share the love that she received from the family. Now, the little boy finds himself his first best friend.

Source: Inspire More