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Cop Saves 12-Day-Old Baby After She Stopped Breathing, Now After One Year He Becomes Her Goddad! [Video]



  • On June 11, 2019, Kemira Boyd almost lost her baby if not for the heroic act of Deputy Will Kimbro.
  • Her newborn daughter drank from a bottle and suddenly stopped breathing when suddenly an officer pulled her car over for overspeeding.
  • After the officer learned of her situation, he rushed to perform first aid and soon enough her baby was breathing again!

Kemira Boyd will always remember in her heart the kindness that Deputy Will Kimbro at the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office did to her and her daughter.

Just 12 days after the mom from South Carolina gave birth to her daughter, Ryleigh, she almost lost her in an incident if not only for the fast response of the officer who saved the day. 

Photo Credit: Kemira Boyd

On June 11, 2019, Deputy Kimbro  pulled over a car for overspeeding. However, he learned quickly that there was a life-and -death situation going on after the driver got out of the car and told him her baby was not breathing after it drank from a bottle. He rushed to perform first aid to the young one while his body cam was recording that critical moment.

“Come on baby, cry for me, cry for me,” he said while massaging her chest . “Open those eyes, sweetheart.”

Photo Credit: Kemira Boyd

Then Ryleigh suddenly started breathing again even before the emergency medical team arrived.

“Because of Deputy Kimbro’s steadfast, professional and heroic response, the 12-day old baby was able to live,” wrote the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office. “Please join us in congratulating Deputy Kimbro for his gallant actions that prolonged human life. He was awarded the ‘Life-Saving Medal’ from Sheriff Lewis for his heroic actions that day.”

Photo Credit: Kemira Boyd

Since the incident, Deputy Kimbro and his wife, Carole, have stayed connected with Kemira and Ryleigh. On May 31, Ryleigh celebrated her first birthday and they threw a party for her.

The week after, Kimera went to the Kimbros and surprised them with gifts. After they unboxed it, the message says: “Will you be my godfather?”

Of course, Deputy Kimbro and Carole said yes without hesitation!

Photo Credit: Kemira Boyd

“Throughout the year, I reflected many times and in particular that day,” Deputy Kimbro said. “[I] always asked myself, what was the reason I went down that street? There were five, six, seven other streets I could have gone down before going down that particular road. I could never answer that question. I just stopped trying. God works in mysterious ways.”

Salute to Deputy Kimbro for the heroic act you did! You are one of a kind officer!

Source: Inspire More