Watch Tiny Dachshund Uses Big Bulldog’s Back To Escape Baby Gate [Video]

  • Mary Warwick wants to solve the mystery of how her dachshund Dracie could escape from a baby gate when she could not even reach it.
  • She installed a camera that captured Darcie on top of her taller brother’s back and was able to jump on the enclosure.
  • The gate has since been adjusted to keep Darcie from escaping again.

Every time Mary Warwick comes home, she wonders how her dachshund Darcie would be peering at her from their windowsill when she had locked her up and all her other dogs in the kitchen using a baby gate.

To get to the bottom of it, she decided to install a camera in the kitchen.

And that is when she got the answer to her question.

The camera captured how the mischievous Darcie managed to jump over the gate.  It starts with Darcie’s “gentle giant” bulldog brother Benson lowering his back legs to let Darcie on his back. Once Darcie is on board, they go near the gate. The height boost would enable Darcie to easily climb over the baby gate!

What a wise plan!

Photo Credit: Caters Clips (YouTube)

Warwick explains that the other dogs could easily climb over the fence but they are just well-behaved to do it.  They just would not disobey mom.

But Darcie has always been mischievous. The fur mom said, “Darcie’s the one that if there’s a toilet roll available, she’ll go and thread it. You can’t leave washing in the kitchen as she’ll pull all the clothes down.”

Photo Credit: Caters Clips (YouTube)

Darcie gets her way around her siblings as she has always been the ringleader.

Now that the video exposed Darcie’s modus operandi, Warwick has since adjusted the gate’s height and a taller door to block the area has been ordered.  Darcie would have to think of another way to escape.

That’s a follow-up video that we might have to watch out for.

Source: People

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