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Dad Hilariously Gives Up As His Little Girl Sings 80s Music With Incorrect Lyrics [Video]



  • While sitting inside their parked car, father-daughter duo Tay and Maliya were listening to some music.
  • Maliya is shown singing along to the songs and Tay’s expression shows his exasperation at the botched lyrics.
  • Tay tells Maliya she’s got the lyrics of the song wrong and even tells her the right ones but Maliya continues with her singing complete with hand gestures and dancing.

The Kabs Family of the U.K. has their own YouTube channel that features the family’s funny and entertaining challenges, pranks, and whatnot. People can relate to them as they do it so naturally and not scripted. 

But they have one video that has made a mark on their viewers. 

This viral video is from when Maliya was three years old.

Years ago, while dad Tay and daughter Maliya were inside their parked car, Maliya sang along to New Edition’s “Candy Girl”.  They are a cute dad-daughter pair but you would be amused by the exasperated expression on dad Tay’s face.

What’s frustrating Tay?  If you listen closely to Maliya, you’ll learn that she does not know the lyrics and Tay is telling her the correct words. “You’re getting the lyrics wrong,” he says.

This adorable video is from when Maliya was only two.

Maliya does not care and goes on singing her own lyrics with hand gestures and even points out at her dad.  As she continues singing along, the look on Tay’s face also shows his continuing exasperation.

But when “Let’s Groove Tonight” comes on, the little girl rolls her hands, stands up on her chair and dances to the beat.  Tay could not do anything but look on and listen. Maliya sits back and snatches his phone at one point and puts it to her ear while singing “Mr. Telephone Man”.

Maliya, now 6, showing dad how to sing.

Tay could not help it anymore and ask for his phone back.  Maliya gives it back to dad. What a cutie!

It’s okay, Tay.  Mallya’s confident singing more than makes up for the wrong lyrics. She can have a concert if she wants.


Source: Inspire More