Depressed Senior Dog Returned To Shelter Gets New Family To Spend “Final Days” With

  • A 15-year-old dog was surrendered to the same shelter where they got her 12 years ago.
  • The family’s reason for returning her was her incontinence.
  • The SPCA Pennsylvania accepted her but worked hard until they found her new forever home.

At 15, Netty the dog already has medical issues as she is living her last years on earth.  Her incontinence has led the family she has lived with for the past 12 years, to return her to the same shelter where they got her.

Even if the SPCA Pennsylvania welcomed her with open arms, Netty is “fairly depressed”.  Who wouldn’t when she no longer has a family to care for her or love her in her twilight years?

Gillian Kocher, the director of public relations at Pennsylvania SPCA said, “The return rate for animals varies and it doesn’t happen often. But when it does, especially after a decade, it can be heartbreaking. It was in Netty’s case. But, instead of focusing on what had happened to bring her back to us, we chose to focus on how we can give her the best final days.”

To help Netty find her forever home, they decided to post Netty’s story on social media.

Photo Credit: Facebook

One angel saw the post and contacted Amy Kidd whose family rescues senior dogs and those with special needs.  The family immediately set out to SPCA Pennsylvania along with two of their senior dogs to get Netty.

Amy said, “Our ultimate goal is to love and spoil her every day she has left. We know we don’t have years left with her, but she will be treated like the queen she is from now on.”

The sweet elderly dog has found her forever home!

Thank you, Kidd family!

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I hope that the people who abandoned this sweet dog spend all of their remaining years, especially their older years, in loneliness and misery. Karma can be a bitch.