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Dog Dutifully Gets ‘His Girl’ On The School Bus Every Day Through All Kinds Of Weather [Video]



  • A video montage of how a Golden Retriever sees to it that his owner’s daughter gets on the school bus safely, has gone viral.
  • Every school day, through all sorts of weather, Sam sends ‘his girl’ off then returns immediately to their house.
  • The video has delighted millions of viewers who are loving Sam’s dedication.

Rain or snow, minus zero degrees, sunny and warm, Sam the Golden retriever is there to make sure “his girl” is safely on the bus for school.

@jenihullett Today is Sam’s 3-year Gotcha Day! This is one of the many reasons why we love our golden boy. #dog #dogsoftiktok #cute #animals #fyp #goldenretriever #samthegolden #gotchaday #goodboy #gooddog #family #viral ♬ original sound – Jen Hullett

The TikTok video shows Sam standing at the end of their driveway and sees his owner’s daughter get on the bus. As soon as the bus drives off, he runs back to their house to take care of his “baby”— a kitten, according to his mom Jen in one of her replies to a comment.   

Jen said “He goes back outside every day to get her off the bus, too. He knows what time he needs to wait by the door to go and everything.”

Since it was posted on February 6, the viral TikTok montage of clips posted by @jenihullett has already reached 1.3 million views and 240,200 likes.

Photo Credit: @jenihullett (TikTok)

The American Kennel Club has ranked Golden Retrievers third most popular dog in the U.S. from 2013 to 2021, and may have contributed to the video going viral.  Their easy-going personalities, lovable nature, patience in dealing with children and their eagerness to please make them a family favorite.

Based on the more than 2,900 comments, people are wishing they have a Sam in their lives just like one who wrote “That’s not a dog, it’s an angel,” while another called him the schoolgirl’s “bodyguard.”

The dog’s commitment won Sam one commenter’s admiration who said, “He’s like my important morning work is done. Going back inside to see what else I can help with,” Another user wrote: “This is clearly his child” and one added: “The turn around and run after his duty is done is so damn cute.”

Photo Credit: @jenihullett (TikTok)

One user was brought to tears writing: “This is so sweet!! I’m literally bawling.”

This is not the first time Golden retrievers have been featured.  There was a golden who acts like the “best big brother” in November and a golden retriever meeting his owner’s newborn baby for the first time in December.

You make your breed and your mom proud, Sam!

Source: Newsweek