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Dog Left To Die While Cemented To The Ground Is On The Road To Recovery [Video]



  • A dog was found cemented to the ground in Florida and left to die.
  • When he was rescued and brought to a shelter, he was diagnosed with 22 medical conditions including critical ones like heart murmurs, UTI, and paralysis.
  • People have been donating to cover his medical expenses and to see him walk again.

A dog in Florida was found cemented to the ground. When the dog was rescued, he was stuck to the sidewalk and clearly left to die, according to the Tri-County Animal Rescue’s Facebook post. They said the smell was unbearable.

The rescue center named him Trooper and they do not know how long he has been cemented to the sidewalk off Yamato Road. Thankfully, they had gotten to him in time to save him.

It took them hours to groom him with Keto shampoo baths as he had numerous fecal and urine burns.

The shelter shared that when they shaved the 10-year-old canine, he had maggots “crawling from his fur,” overgrown nails, and terrible dental decay. He was severely neglected.

It is heartbreaking to know what the poor dog went through.

Photo Credit: Tri-County Humane (Facebook)

“Trooper” was diagnosed with 22 ailments that included corneal ulcers, worms, enlarged prostate, ear infections, UTI, heart murmurs, and paralysis.

His medical expenses have already reached $2,500 but good-hearted people have already donated more than $17,000 for his healing. Specialists are helping him walk again.

Photo Credit: Tri-County Humane (Facebook)

The shelter has been updating followers on Trooper’s progress and last Sunday, they had incredible good news.  They shared on Instagram a video of Trooper standing with assistance. The shelter captioned it: “Getting stronger every day with all of your support!”

We’re praying for you, Trooper!


Source: People