Dog “Model” Recreates Popular Madonna Album Covers

Move over, Madonna, MaxDonna is going to give you a run for your money.

Max is a golden retriever that recreates Madonna’s most iconic album covers. The photos were shared on Instagram, and they are a hit!

1. Max is practically a ray of sunshine in his recreation of Madonna’s “Ray of Light” album cover.

2. Max is ready to tell us a bedtime story, or maybe a secret!

3. Meet Max, or should we say “Madame X.”

4. Like a Fur-Gin! Bark for the very first time!

5. We’d like to make Max our “True Blue” friend.

6. Awww, our favorite Material Girl!

7. So sexy in a pink leotard. A scene from Madonna’s ‘Hung Up’ music video

A bonus photo we can’t resist to share!

And this is Vincent, Max’s dad, who makes all the wonderful costumes and photos.

You may follow Max on Instagram @max_et_vincent.

Source: Inspire More

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