Dog Takes Patio Pillow On The Grass So He Can Sleep On It [Video]

  • Dog mom was wondering how her newly-bought pillows had been disappearing from the porch and ending up on the grass every day for a week.
  • Mom was determined to find out the reason behind the move and end up catching her pup sleeping on the pillow on the grass.
  • The video on TikTok has already garnered more than 1 million views and a commenter renamed the porch pillows to pup pillows.

TikTok user @aly.jae has been wondering who could be behind her porch pillows ending up in the grass.  It has been a week already and every day, when she comes home, the pillows are again on the grass when she knows that she has been putting them back on the porch.

And finally, one day, as she looked outside from her window, she got the mystery solved and the culprit was caught red-handed.

For there, lying on the grass with her head on the pillow is her beloved Border Collie.Β Β Β 

In a video that has now reached more than 1 million views, she pulls the curtains back and catches her dog outside on the grass, asleep with her nestled on the pillow.  Adorable culprit identified!

@aly.jae says that her pup has her own bed but the new porch pillows must be ideal for a comfy and proper soak in the sun on the grass.  The cute doggy just had to steal it from the porch.

Viewers are now rooting for the pup. TikTok user @shastens3 said, β€œPorch pillows? Oh, you mean pup pillows! Yes, they are perfect!” while @hannahsb03 added, β€œAre you kidding me?? Was not ready to have my heart melted lol.”  The pup really looked cute, happy and innocent of a crime while napping on the pillow.

Photo Credit: @aly.jae (TikTok)

Still, @babybisonnikki commented, β€œI actually saw the wind blow it into the yard. Pup was just protecting it from going further.” See? The pillows did not get lost and damaged.  It is safe, warm and cuddly for the pup’s naps, mom.

Have a comfortable sleep, pup!

Source: Pet Helpful

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