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Watch This Family’s Fun Game Night Turned Into ‘Quarantine Olympics’ During Coronavirus Lockdown [Video]



  • This family from North Carolina came up with a fun plan to pass the time while in community quarantine.
  • The family hosted Quarantine Olympics, and they completed about 30 games since the day they started.
  • The family members love to play games whenever they have free time, but the most important part for them is that these activities bring them closer together.

The coronavirus quarantine has put people in situations that are not easy, but this family from Cornelius, North Carolina came up with a plan for them to have a little bit of fun to pass the time.

Alex Presley and his family are stuck inside their house because of the coronavirus outbreak in the country. The indefinite confinement left them with nothing much to do. This was before they decided on playing games with each other since the family enjoys spending time together playing board games.

The family decided to up their game and hold Olympic events in place of the friendly competitions inside their house. Their Quarantine Olympics started in April with his girlfriend Taylor Sharpe, his twin brother Zach, and his parents, Lee and Wendy Presley.

There are over 30 hilarious challenges that had been completed since the launch of the games, per the videos posts on Alex’s TikTok and YouTube profiles.

Here are some of the games that are quite thrilling you could also do at home:


Day 12 of The Quarantine Olympics! We play the roomba challenge! Last balloon standing wins! ##quarantineolympics ##roombachallenge ♬ original sound – alexpresley_

The Roomba challenge. For this game, the players would label one of the balloons taped on the floor and designate it as their representative. From there, they attach knives to their automatic vacuum cleaner and set it loose. The player whose balloon would last inside the ring the longest wins.


Day 23 of the Quarantine Olympics… Sock Slide Challenge! Tag someone who can beat this ##sockslide ##quarantineolympics ##onehometeam ##MMMDrop ♬ original sound – alexpresley_

The sock slide challenge. This game is simple. the player that could slide across the wooden floor the farthest is the winner.


Day 2 of the Quarantine Olympics. Tag a friend who will always pick up ##phonecallchallenge ##quarantineolympics ♬ original sound – alexpresley_

The phone call challenge. To win this game, the player had to randomly pick out a person on their contact list and rely on that person. This game is a race on whose random person answers their Facetime the fastest.


Day 11 of the Quarantine Olympics. Ice cube challenge. You can only press the ice button once! ##quarantineolympics ##icecubechallenge ##keepingbusy ♬ original sound – alexpresley_

The ice cube challenge. The players would pick out a number and say it out loud. The player who will be able to guess the number of ice cubes that will fall into their cup after one push is the winner. Anybody with an ice-maker machine knows how tricky that is!

The players play to win, but this is not what matters most for them. “We’ve always been a real close family,” Lee Presley said. “But it just seems like it’s gotten us a little bit closer.”

This is surely an entertaining thing to do to bring everyone in the family together!

Source: Inspire More