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Ginger Cat Hissing In His Sleep Becomes The Net’s Newest Darling [Video]



  • A video shared online showing a cat hissing while sleeping is warming hearts.
  • The video, which garnered nearly 5 million views, makes pet lovers wonder if cats also dream.
  • According to a cat behavior consultant, just like humans, cats are capable of dreaming and their dreams are made of their daily experiences and interactions.

Have you ever woken up from a dream because you can hear yourself laughing or crying?  It seems that humans are not the only ones who react even when sleeping.

One ginger cat named Loki has now gained the internet’s attention and laughter with his unusual sleep action— hissing in his sleep.

@lokithegingercat_ NEVER have I seen this before!!! It was the cutest thing ever! Part 1, part 2 turned a bit alarming/scary lol! #lokithegingercat #catsoftiktok #hissingcat #catsleeping #cutecats #funnycats ♬ original sound – Ali&Loki

TikTok user @lokithegingercat_ has spilled the hilarious habit and captioned it: “NEVER have I seen this before!!! It was the cutest thing ever!”

As of this writing, the 11-second video has been viewed by nearly 5 million times and gained interest as it tickled funny bones.

Loki has another strange sleeping habit — sleeping with his mouth open with the tongue coming out.

@lokithegingercat_ When Loki sleeps two things happen… tongue comes out and dad messes with him! 😂♥️ #hardsleeper #fyp #foryoupage #cattongue #payback #sleepyhead ♬ Mr. Sandman – ThatKidd

Cats are notorious for enjoying their shut-eye. Their snooze time lasts from 15 hours a day to as much as 20 hours. And with Loki’s actions, netizens are asking what could they be dreaming of. Birds? Dogs? Mice?

Cat behavior consultant and postdoctoral fellow at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Mikel Delgado, firmly believes that felines enjoy dreams as much as humans.

In an interview with the website Dog People, Delgado said, “We see patterns of brain activity, including low-amplitude, high-frequency patterns and physical behaviors, that suggest cats are in what is called paradoxical sleep, or REM sleep.”

Photo by Inge Wallumrød

This is an indication that cats do dream and he assumes it is about what they do daily in their interactions with humans and other animals.

And if so, could Loki be hissing at a dog or protecting his territory from other cats?

TikTok user @Danie_rain thinks Loki was acting as the “Lion King in his dream.” @Sixonebeauty1986 chimed in, “Definitely giving out them paws of life in his dreams,” and @SpicyMama said he was busy “threatening them squirrels.”

Or maybe it was his Mom’s singing that made him hiss?

@lokithegingercat_ Found this old video from my Snapchat!! Loki be loco! 😂😂😂 #fyp #crazycat #foryoupage #lokithegingercat #funnycat #catsoftiktok #scarycat #catlover ♬ Original Sound – Unknown

But some are amazed and surprised at the sleeping habit. Milissa Goodgion commented, “I’ve never seen a cat do that before,” and njaul1 wrote, “I’ve never seen this with any of my kitties across the decades.”

Whatever it was that made Loki hiss, we hope he catches it. Sweet dreams, Loki!

Source: Newsweek