Golden Retriever Reacts to Baby Sister’s First Steps [Video]

  • Golden retriever Taco is a sweet big brother to her human baby sister.
  • Taco supports his baby sister in learning how to walk by keeping close to her side while she pushes her walker and encourages her by licking her, doing the zoomies, then back to her side again.
  • Taco and Vanora now play together running around the kitchen island or hide-and-seek.

Learning how to walk is a huge milestone for kids and in the case of one-year-old Vanora, there is no one more excited, save from her mom and dad, than her three-year-old Golden Retriever sibling, Taco.

Taco’s been Vanora’s biggest fan, cheerleader, big brother and babysitter ever since she came home from the hospital.

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Claudia Hughes, the siblings’ mom said, “When we would lay her down on the floor or on our bed, Taco would just lay down next to her.” She added, “When we would wake up in the middle of the night to feed her, he would be right there with us.”

And so, when Vanora started learning how to walk on a baby walker, Taco was most thrilled!  Whenever Vanora would push her walker, Taco would jump from side to side but would keep a safe distance so that he wouldn’t accidentally topple Vanora over. Hughes said, “Taco would go and lick her, then go and have some zoomies, then come back and lick her again.”

Photo Credit: Claudia Hughes

Taco was super excited but would reign his being hyper in and be gentle with Vanora.

Practicing gentleness was not only exclusive for Vanora but also for Taco.  Their mom and dad also teach Vanora to be careful with Taco. Hughes said, “We have shown Vanora that we hug Taco, we pet him gently and that we give him kisses on his head. But, if we get mad at him, we don’t hit him.”

Photo Credit: Claudia Hughes

Now that Taco and Vanora are both agile on their feet, they have learned to create ways of playing together like playing hide-and-seek or running around their kitchen island accompanied by shrieks of joy, a bark and a wagging of the tail.

Taco’s been a special part of Vanora’s milestones and will continue to be a caring big brother for future siblings. After all, he’s family! 

Source: The Dodo

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