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Harry Styles Lets Fan Borrow His Mic At Concert To Propose To His Girlfriend [Video]



  • Harry Styles has been helping fans with their requests from coming out to gender reveal.  This time, it is for a proposal.
  • The fan asked to borrow his mic to sing just a few lines but then proceeded to propose to his girlfriend with a singing crowd cheering him on.
  • Fortunately, the girlfriend said ‘Yes’ and Harry congratulated them.

One man’s request got Harry Styles’ attention when he was at his concert in Lisbon.  The fan asked if he could borrow the singer’s microphone to sing two lines to his girlfriend.

Harry Styles then asked, “How long have you been together, first of all? “If this is like, a two-week thing, there’s no chance I’m giving you the microphone.”

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And the fan replied with “a little more” than a year.  Harry asked the audience if a little more than a year would give him the chance to hold the mic but made up his mind to hand off the mic.  He then began to run off to the other side of the stage when the fan started singing the lines to the Elvis Presley classic “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”  After which the entire audience cannot help but sing, too!  And Harry?  He added his voice to the chorus!

With such an enthusiastic crowd, the fan got down on one knee, pulled a ring from his wallet and proposed!  His girlfriend answered with a resounding “Yes!”

Photo Credit: @francis.tpwk (TikTok)

Harry then got his mic and  said “Congratulations!” to the couple.  Thanks, Harry!

But this is not the only time Harry has obliged fans with their requests. 

Photo Credit: @francis.tpwk (TikTok)

In London, he helped a fan come out by raising a Pride flag and making it official.  Another fan in Nashville also got help revealing the sex of her baby by announcing the gender after crowd countdown.

It is no wonder you rock, Harry.  You are awesome!

Source: People