High School Students Rebuild Veteran’s Home within 51 Days

High School Students Rebuild Veteran's Home within 51 Days

  • John Holaday finally saved up for a home and its renovation but the contractor ripped him off.
  • So several high schoolers decided to help him by tearing down the old building and building a new one.
  • Even without previous experience, the teenagers labored to rebuild the house until it was completed in 51 days.

A group of teenagers started OPERATION JOHN HOLADAY and worked all day for 51 days to give a struggling veteran a home.

John Holaday had saved up an envelope full of cash to buy himself a home and remodel it. But a heartless soul duped him.

Veterans Affairs officer Nate Jones said, “He had actually hired a contractor that ended up ripping him off, taking the last almost $8,000 worth of money from him.”

Photo Credit: Aj Billiter (Facebook)

This left John emotionally and financially broken.

Fortunately, his community came through for him. A group of 26 teens decided that they would build him a house so he can start living with water, electricity, and sewage. They did not have any idea how to do it, but they showed up every day until the house was done. Some of them did not even know how to read a tape measure.

They got their hands dirty, tore down the old house, and steadily built a new one.

Photo Credit: Aj Billiter (Facebook)

The local high school’s construction technology teacher, Jeremy Penrod, said, “This community really rallied together, and, man, it don’t matter what we would’ve asked of them. We could’ve asked them to go rope the moon, and they would’ve brought us back a moon.”

Jeremy added, “They didn’t complain one day. They worked in the rain, they worked in the snow.”

After 51 days, thanks to these compassionate teenagers, John finally had a home.

Photo Credit: USA Today

And when the veteran saw his completed house, he broke into tears.

John said, “So many people donated their time and money to make it come true for this old man.”

Photo Credit: Aj Billiter (Facebook)

Jeremy posted on their Facebook group, “You guys have made us proud. We are so thankful for this opportunity and these students have made memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you for your service and enjoy your new home, Mr. John Holaday.”


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