Cat’s Adverse Reaction To Ocean Water Has The Internet In Stitches [Video]

  • A TikTok video of a cat scrambling away from the ocean and climbing a rocky hill has left the viewers laughing.
  • The cat, as the owners explained in the caption, liked the lake and they thought the feline would also like the ocean.
  • The caption also said that the cat is happy and fine after the mad scramble to get on dry and higher grounds.

Cats generally do not like water.  Besides a few species like Bengal, Maine Coon and Abyssinian, who occasionally like water, cats prefer being dry.  Possible reasons are that when their coat is wet, it weighs them down making grooming themselves difficult. And historically, they evolved from dry areas.

@autopilotinglife She is happy & fine. She loves the lake so we thought she would like the beach but as you can see…she has never gone back 😂 #cats #pnw #FastTwitchContest #beach ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Other reasons are they smell chemicals in the water and they lack control in the water, according to Purina, making them prefer being on land.

In a video posted on TikTok by @autopilotinglife, a cat named Kiwi recoiled from ocean water and immediately scrambled up a rocky hill.

The caption reads: “That time we tried to show our cat the ocean.” The owner explained: “She is happy & fine. She loves the lake so we thought she would like the beach but as you can see…she has never gone back.”

Photo Credit: @autopilotinglife (TikTok)

Animal lovers immediately reacted to the cat’s obvious dislike for the ocean water for the video to reach 4.3 million views and 717,500 likes. And they are all laughing at the hilarity of the cat’s reaction.

And comments are pouring in like Kenna Sanford who said: “She defied physics to get away from water BAHAHAH” while Gabs wrote: “She was like ‘THIS WATER MOVES.”

Another user @Jadebug1022 interpreted what the cat meowed with: “Kitty said ‘NO thank you!!!” and Ethan B283 added: “Why is the water attacking me?! I must run!”

Photo Credit: @autopilotinglife (TikTok)

The mad scramble to get away from the water had GoomyWorm commenting: “That cat become a mountain goat in a split second” which Writer_with_cats agreed to with: “kiwi unlocked rock climbing ability” while Laurencia444 jokes: “that’s half cat half spider bro.”

Shannon Elizabet1903 reinforced what the owner said that the cat liked the lake with: “a freshwater kitty.”

We just hope Kiwi is really happy and fine after the ‘nightmare’ and gets to love the ocean in time like she does the lake.

Source: Newsweek

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