Labrador Retriever Protects Family From Mountain Lion Attack In Backyard

  • The Michaelis’ labrador Ella got her family inside to safety after sensing a mountain lurking in their backyard.
  • Ella fought the big cat and suffered numerous cuts, a concussion and bites from the encounter.
  • The Utah Police Department has advised people to be safe by being on the lookout for small children and to bring pets indoors.

Mountain lion sightings are not uncommon in the neighborhood of Cedar Hills, Utah.  The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has advised people to be cautious while using the Murdoch Canal. 

They said, “Please be aware of your surroundings and know where small children are at all times. Please consider bringing pets indoors. Be safe out there.”

The warning came as the story of a fight between a family’s courageous pet Labrador Retriever with a mountain lion emerged.

The Michaelis family shared that they were enjoying their backyard one evening when their Lab Ella started acting protective. She looked back quickly at the kids while nudging one of the children to stay out of the yard’s rock wall.

Ella’s owner, Crystal Michaelis said, “She was just being very cautious, and my daughter thought it was very concerning.”

But they heeded her motions and went indoors immediately. That’s when Ella fought with the mountain lion lurking in their backyard.

Crystal recalled, “We opened the back door and found Ella just bloodied. There was blood all over the door and all over the patio. I believe wholeheartedly that she was protecting them because it was within seconds that they came in, and this all happened.”

Photo Credit: screenshot KSL NEWS/YouTube

Ella had “severe cuts on her head and nose, along with her tongue, legs, and neck,” a concussion and “more than 30 bites on her body” from her encounter with the wild mountain lion.

The mountain lion has not been found but it left tracks in the yard.

Ella is the family’s hero. We hope you get well soon, Ella!

Source: People

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What a brave dog but feel so sorry for his cuts.Hope he heals good. Protect your dogs and cats please.

They live to protect and give us unconditional love!

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