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Little hairstylist is a TikTok superstar – and winning everyone’s hearts



  • Worthy Rigelsky is an 11-year-old girl with Down Syndrome.
  • Adopted by Kalista Hesch’s family in San Antonio, Texas, Worthy has been nothing but pure joy to the entire family.
  • Worthy’s and Kalista’s undeniably close relationship was witnessed by the whole TikTok world, when their videos made millions of hits, spreading positivity and sheer happiness!

TikTok has become this generation’s platform for expression. Some do it to kill time, or just to express passion, talents, and even love.

Worthy Rigelsky, an 11-year-old with Down Syndrome is exactly this case: using TikTok to spread cheer and happiness by simply doing her big sister Kalista Hesch’s hair!

Photo Credit: @downrightworthy/Instagram

Worthy, who hails from China, was adopted by Kalista’s family when she was only five days old. Worthy now lives with Kalista and her family in San Antonio, Texas.

The two sisters have been inseparable since then.

Photo Credit: @downrightworthy/Instagram

Both shared downright fascination with TikTok, as the world came into a halt because of the pandemic.

On the eve of Kalista’s 19th birthday, she decided to film their “girls’ night in” through TikTok. They were just being their usual selves, doing all the girly stuffs such as hair styling and make up tutorials, and boy — Worthy is a natural!


worthy straightens my hair ???? (don’t let her know I didn’t plug it in????) #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #worthy #fyppp #yeah ♬ Lofi – Domknowz

“When it comes to Worthy’s skills, they honestly just come to her naturally,” Kalista shared. “She is so smart and so attentive, so she just watched our momma and I doing our hair and makeup and wanted to do the same!”

Their now viral TikTok entry shows Worthy fixing her big sister’s shirt and adjusting her necklace, and doing some magic in her hair. All but simple tricks, yet it had created a deep, meaningful impact in the hearts of the whole TikTokverse!


until you guys stop asking I’ll give ya what you want ???????????????? worthy came to hang out at my apartment this afternoon✨ #worthy #fyp #yeah #foryou ♬ The Wisp Sings – Winter Aid

“She’s just such a little perfectionist, she just wants to fix you up, and make sure everything’s OK and every little detail’s perfect,” Kalista happily shared.

With such a positive response from millions of viewers, Kalista and Worthy had truly taken TikTok by storm, encouraging them to create more content that can send good vibes to everyone.


“On a platform such as TikTok where every other swipe is hate or opposition, people get to pause on our page to breathe and experience the joy that is Worthy,” Kalista shared proudly.

Worthy is indeed a breath of fresh air in a hurting, cynical world!

Source: Inspire More