Loving dog smiles for mom who asked for a mood booster [Video]

Loving dog smiles for mom who asked for a mood booster

  • Myko loves making his mom happy in any way he can.
  • One day, his mom was feeling down, so she asked him if he could give her a smile.
  • After a few moments, Myko flashes the most precious smile and brightened his mom’s mood!

Meet Myko. Like all dogs, he’s a good pup who loves making his human happy.

Photo Credit: TikTok/mykomushroom

So when he successfully learns a new command or trick, he gets so excited when he gets praised for such a good job!

The best part is that he learned the best command of all.

In the video below, we can see a close-up of Myko as his mom talks to him. His mom starts telling him that she’s been feeling kind of sad, so she makes a small request.

“Do you think you can smile for me?” his mom asks. We have no idea how he’ll respond at first since he tilts his head down and licks his cheeks a few times. But then he shows his most adorable smile!


It felt wrong to keep this to myself – leaving here in case anyone else needs it 😊 #smile #cutedogs #dogsmile

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Myko’s mom was feeling down, but his smile surely fulfilled her request for a mood booster!

And she didn’t want to keep Myko’s smile to herself so she shared the video with everyone else who needed it. That is so sweet!

The video has been viewed over 1.2 million times on TikTok, where commenters are thanking Myko’s mom for sharing his precious smile.

TikTok user @staceywelch56 said, “Omg! I have not seen anything this precious in ages!” Another commenter, @lalagirl79, wrote, “Aww, Myko has the best smile ever!”

Photo Credit: TikTok/mykomushroom

It turns out that it wasn’t only Myko’s mom who badly needed a dose of happiness.

“Omg. This. This is what I needed right now. Thank you for sharing it with us,” @littl3bit86 commented. “Aww, this made my day,” @debbiequitter wrote. “Thank you for sharing this. Anytime I feel sad, I will look at this video. Love the bowtie and, of course, Myko.”

Myko was only too happy to be of service. It’s amazing that he knew how to smile on command! He is truly one smart pup who knows how to make his mom feel better.

Source: Pet Helpful

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