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Loyal dog never left his friend after it was hit by a car [Video]



  • A nonprofit animal rescue received a tip about two dogs, Matthew and Corey, found on the road.
  • The fosters discovered that Matthew had been hit by a car and was seriously injured.
  • Corey didn’t leave Matthew’s side, calling for help.

Dogs are not just loyal pets, but loyal friends as well.

Lola’s Lucky Day, a nonprofit animal rescue, has witnessed this kind of loyalty and friendship just recently.

Lola’s Lucky Day saves homeless animals in Houston and Dallas, Texas areas. The animal rescue makes sure these abandoned animals are given medical attention and get adopted into loving homes. One day, they asked for help locating two dogs sighted from the side of the road. Fosters Samantha Zimmer and George Dix volunteered to help.

After driving around for a while, Samantha and George saw a little black dog sitting right on the road. It’s been at least six hours since Lola’s Lucky Day received the call about the dogs. The two volunteers wondered why the dog wouldn’t budge.

When they got closer they saw a larger dog lying in a pool of water in the ditch. The dog, who they named Matthew, had been hit by a car and was seriously injured. The smaller dog, who they named Corey, had not left Mattew’s side and had been trying to get help.

They carried Matthew to the car and brought him to the animal clinic nearby. He was treated for multiple injuries.

When Matthew was discharged, Samantha and George made sure Corey was in the car, ready to greet his best friend. When Matthew saw Corey, his tail starts thumping and they share the sweetest nose boop.


“Matthew was so excited to see Corey,” George said. “The moment he realized it was his bud Corey, he started wagging his tail. He wanted to get up and closer to Corey, so he was scooting. We had to get Matthew to sit down and relax. Eventually, they both settled in for a nap for the car ride to Matthew’s foster home.”

Check out Matthew today! He is doing amazing and getting healthy for his surgery on April 4th. Thank you donors!Posted by Lola’s Lucky Day on Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Matthew is on his way to full recovery in his foster home. Corey was also treated for some health problems. Though they’re in separate foster families, for now, the animal rescue hopes to get them adopted together.

Source: Inspire More