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Man Hailed a Hero After Running Across Highway to Help Unconscious Driver [Video]



  • While driving on a busy snowy highway, a woman falls unconscious behind the wheel while her car is still running.
  • A man runs across the 4-lane highway and tries to stop the car from going back onto the busy highway and make it stay on the shoulder.
  • The car, fortunately, stopped at a divider and its unconscious driver was brought to the hospital.

Heroes are people who rise up to the occasion when they see the need for it.  And one man’s heroism saved a woman’s life as she suddenly lost consciousness while behind the wheel and the car was still running.

When Adolfo Molina saw a car slowing down on the fastest lane on the highway and hitting the guard rails, he went out of his car and sprinted across four lanes of traffic and tried to stop the car. He noticed that the car’s driver was slumped on the wheel.

He was worried because the car was still accelerating on the shoulder of the road.

Unknown to him, a nearby driver was recording his attempts to rescue the other driver.

Photo Credit: @Jennife63019731 (Twitter)

Adolfo’s wife, Maytee Pena said, “Something in his mind just said ‘go help’ so he got out of the car and did what he needed to do, it was like a sign of God. God sent him to do that mission.”

Another person also came to help Adolfo and they tried slowing down the moving car with sticks as it was getting back into the highway.  They were pushing it back towards the guard rails. Luckily, the car hit a divider which made the car stop.

The 57-year-old woman driver was brought to a nearby hospital.  The State Police still have no information on the cause of her losing consciousness.

Photo Credit: @Jennife63019731 (Twitter)

Meanwhile, Adolfo hopes to meet the woman one day and hopes that others will be inspired by his actions.  A true hero indeed. No need for praise.  But the Dominican consulate in Boston has already honored him for his heroism.

Good job, Adolfo!