Man Helps Friend To Pick Out A Pet From Animal Shelter But A Kitten Picks Him

  • Tucker Lindgren went with his friend who planned to adopt a pet from the PAWS Chicago.
  • Tucker ended up adopting a kitty who made him change his mind about not getting a pet at all.
  • Tucker is happy to announce to the TikTok world that he and his baby kitty are a better match.

Adopting a pet involves a lot of weighing the pros and cons, researching and checking the budget.  But even when we decide on one after all the process we went through, we end up being the chosen one.  Especially cats.  They choose us.

Tucker Lindgren is one fine example.

He had zero plans of adopting a pet. He was just going to accompany his friend to pick out a fur baby at the PAWS Chicago.

But he became an unsuspecting victim of a little kitty who had designs on him.  And he has no choice but to give in.  Kitties are that convincing, you know.  How could one resist the charms of those adorable eyes?

Tucker ended up bringing the kitty home. The score: Kitty: 1; Tucker: 0.Β 


Replying to @natscottsings insanely affectionate #fyp #kitten #kittensoftiktok

♬ Meow – Lvusm

After posting a video on TikTok, viewers cannot help but relate to his experience. An update on how they were doing has also been requested.Β  And so, Tucker granted the request and reported that he and his cute kitten are turning out to be a match!

Let Tucker’s story be a lesson for everyone.  There is no chance of an escape when a scheming kitty has designs on you.  You just have to surrender.

Have a long and fun life together, Tucker and kitty!

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my best human bud is an american indian. we went to the local shelter to pick out a cat for my barn. i started to look for a cat with a particular look, my friend said, “no, you must let the animal choose you. look for the cat that seems to desire your company.” i turned a corner and a brother and sister threw themselves at the cage and meowed loudly at me. turned out i got two cats that day. naturally they ended up living in my house.