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Mom Decided To Do Her Dog’s Haircut, Final Look Is Ridiculously Cute And Funny!



  • Susana Soares decided to cut his dog’s hair that had overgrown, because why not? After all she’s a hairstylist (for humans).
  • So she went on, did her thing and gave her little pup some bangs!
  • The look it gave him though is ridiculously cute and funny, but the silly mom admitted that she’s got no plans to do it again!

Watching pet groomers doing a dog’s haircut, it doesn’t really look so difficult at all. In fact, other pet owners decide to do their dog’s haircut themselves and for sure their intentions are always good — such as Susana Soares’ intentions when she did her pet’s haircut.

Last week, she was bonding with her dog, Mano, and thought his hair had overgrown and needed some trimming. She realized it had been quite a while since Mano had last visited a groomer and his hair definitely needed some tending to do. 

Photo Credit: Susana Soares

“Hair was getting in his eyes,” Susana told The Dodo.

Mano didn’t like that at all. So since Susana was actually a hairstylist, but for humans and not for dogs, she thought doing his dog’s haircut was a no-brainer.

Photo Credit: Susana Soares

“I decided to cut his hair at home,” she said.

She grabbed a pair of scissors and did her thing and tadaaaaa! That look was quite hilarious!

Photo Credit: Susana Soares

At least Susan did solve Mano’s issue with the hairs on his eyes!

But his bangs, I would say, is outrageously funny! The look it gave him is ridiculously cute, I just can’t stop laughing!

Photo Credit: Susana Soares

Mano never complained about his new look though. But even his mom was laughing hard at the result of what she’d done.

“I fell on the floor laughing,” she said.

Photo Credit: Susana Soares

The most important thing for Mano is, he can now see clearly again!

“He likes it,” Susan said.

But the silly mom admitted she’d never do it again and leave the job to the professional groomers. She’s proved that while she can play with human hairs, her dog’s is a different story.

“I will not be repeating that!” she said.

Source: The Dodo