Musician Plays the Banjo For His #1 Fan – A Fox [Video]

  • Forced to stay home during the COVID-19 lockdown, musician Andy Thorn formed a friendly relationship with a wild fox who wandered in his yard.
  • The fox seemed to enjoy listening to Andy playing folksy tunes on his banjo and a video of them in one such moment has gone viral.
  • Andy has recorded an album “Fox Songs” to tell what can happen when one pauses.

The COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the world.  Events stopped, travels ceased and everyone stayed at home. 

For Andy Thorn and his fellow Leftover Salmon bandmates, it was back to base after a decade of tours.

For Andy, the base was the foothills of Boulder, Colorado where he met his new muse and number 1 fan — a fox.

When interviewed on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Andy said the fox wandered onto his deck and listened to him playing folksy tunes on his banjo.  He and his wife thought the fox seemed to be enjoying and “loving the music.”

And one day, the fox sat down next to him on a large rock in his yard and stared at him while he was playing the banjo.

Luckily, Andy’s wife got to record the moment and posted it on YouTube!  Since November, the video has already been viewed 3.7 million times!

This started a solo career for Thorn and he has named his biggest fan, Foxy.  Andy has even written a song from Foxy’s perspective!

And from there, Andy recorded “Fox Songs and Other Tales From the Pandemic” in his home studio.

On his site, Andy said, “So the album isn’t so much about the sorrows of the pandemic as it is the antidote. The world slowed down, but life didn’t. ‘Fox Songs’ is a story about what can happen—and what comes to life—when you pause.”

The relationship between Andy and Foxy is special and rare.  Proceed with caution when approaching and interacting with animals.

Source: Daily Paws

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