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NFL Star Escorted 11-Yr-Old To Daddy-Daughter Dance After Her Dad Passed Away Last Year



The year 2021 is a tough one for a Texas girl who lost her father and her grandfather within a few weeks of each other.

Audrey Soape and her family have been in mourning ever since. When their church came up with a formal father-daughter dance, the 11-year-old could only wish that her dad was still there to take her.

Her mom, Holly Soape, wanted to make it an event Audrey would never forget.

Audrey is a big NFL fan. Her favorite player is Anthony Harris when he played for the Minnesota Vikings and stayed loyal even after he transferred to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2021.

Holly reached out to Anthony through his charitable foundation.

When Anthony heard Audrey’s story, he didn’t think twice. He agreed to escort Audrey to the dance right away. But the schedule could be a problem.


The Eagles’ elimination in the first round of the playoffs was bad news for the team and its fans but it was great news for Audrey. Because Anthony would now have free time for the dance.

Soon one of Anthony’s reps called Holly to arrange the details. The NFL player also paid for Audrey’s dress, shoes, hair, and makeup.

“All of it was just a fairy tale and amazing,” Holly said.

Audrey admits she was “super nervous” in the days leading up to the dance, but she can’t hide her excitement. On the night of the big event, the ever-smiling Anthony showed up in a suit. He treated Audrey like a true princess all night long,making her comfortable.

“He was very nice,” Audrey said. “When I was super nervous, he made it feel like less nervous to be around him, and it was really fun. And as the night went along, it got a lot more less awkward.”

“Every time I think he could see she was getting nervous, he would just engage in conversion with her,” Holly said. “He kept her laughing, he kept her dancing on the dance floor, they ran around the church doing a scavenger hunt, just playing games, really made the whole night just really incredible for her because you could tell she was very nervous to start with. But she warmed up right away, he made it great for her.”


“The smile never left her face as she felt like a princess being twirled around the dance floor by her favorite person,” Holly later wrote on Instagram. “The kindness and generosity shown by Anthony was remarkable and I know she’ll never forget this night. Thank you for helping turn this heartbreak into magic and gifting us the blessing of a lifetime.”

Source: Inspire More