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Of Love and Honor: Veteran’s home gets a makeover from her community



  • Katheryn Baarson is a Marine veteran who now lives all by herself.
  • Old and disabled, Katheryn could no longer keep and maintain her house, causing it to fall apart.
  • Glendale officers saw how badly Katheryn’s house needed repair, so they rallied the entire community to help her fix, clean, and amazingly transform her house.

Honoring those who served has become a commonplace in many communities. Many people have high regard to veterans, as they sacrifice and fight for their country.

Katheryn Baarson, who hails from Phoenix, Arizona, had been in the Marines in the 70’s. But as her retirement day came to a close, she continued to serve her country as part of the reserves.

Photo Credit: Matt Yurus/12News

Currently, the once-vigorous Marine lives in a small ranch home, all by herself. When she retired, Katheryn couldn’t do much around the house anymore, due to old age and disability.

The sight of Katheryn’s house was rather uninviting. It was unkept, needing-repair kind of house. For many years, she wasn’t able to even mow her own lawn, or fix broken things, or even maintain a clean house at least.

Photo Credit: Matt Yurus/12News

“Oh, it’s overwhelming trying to get someone to cut the grass and everything,” she explained. “I used to do it all. I got to the point I couldn’t do it anymore.”

Good thing some concerned Glendale officers took notice, and were kind enough to offer her some help.

Katheryn knew she really needed this much help so to restore her house and make it at least livable. She then told the officers if they can clean up her backyard and fix her fence and gates.

Katheryn, who only wished for a cleaner, decent house, was in for a surprise when an army of volunteers showed up to help make her home beautiful!

Photo Credit: Glendale Fire Fighters Charities/Facebook

More than 50 people came to volunteer, coming from various organizations such as Glendale Fire Charities, Operation Enduring Gratitude, and the Boy Scouts!

Her house went for a total makeover!


The generous, kind community members cleaned all garbage and clutter, painted the house, fixed the fence, and laid down an artificial grass walkway so Katheryn won’t have to worry about mowing in the future!

Photo Credit: Glendale Fire Fighters Charities/Facebook

Local Boy Scout Vance Cuthbertson shared how much of a pleasure it was to help and serve a veteran who once served and protected them! In fact, he was the one who took charge of all the work and made Katheryn’s home his Eagle Scout project.

“It takes a lot to serve our country, takes a lot to be in the military,” Vance said. “So when I have a chance to repay them for that by serving them, it’s really a great honor.”

What an act of love and honor indeed for someone whose life she once dedicated to her own country!

Source: Inspire More