Pregnant server gets community support after customers walk out on bill

  • Caitlin Gadsby, seven months pregnant, works as a server at Galway House.
  • One Friday night, she was on her own serving a number of customers, when a group ordered and took off without paying the bill.
  • Galway House shared what happened on Facebook, and people began asking how they help Caitlin.

Just like how it was with anyone else, the COVID-19 pandemic was hard for Caitlin Gadsby, especially when bars and restaurants shut off last year.

Caitlin, a Galway House server, wanted to make up for lost time. Since dine-ins were resumed, she has been on her feet even during late hours — something not so easy especially that she’s seven months pregnant.

“I work as much as I can for as long as I can and do the best I can,” she said.

Photo Credit: CBS Boston

One Friday night, a late rush poured in after a concert. Caitlin was on her own, rushing to serve food and drinks to all her tables.

The soon-to-be mom was grateful that her parties were patient, until one group ordered about $100 of food and drinks and then took off.

“Before I knew it, they were gone. They skipped out on the tab and I was in absolute shock. I’ve been in this business for so long and that’s the first time that has ever happened to me,” Caitlin said.

Upset, the restaurant shared on Facebook what happened that night. Soon, comments came flashing in from different people concerned about Caitlin.

Dozens of regulars, neighbors, and strangers showed their care for the server and asked how they could take care of Caitlin.

“People were asking for my Venmo (@caitgads) and they wanted to tip me and give me money and make sure I was doing OK,” she explained.

What these people did gave Caitlin so much confidence about raising her family in Jamaica Plain. The kindness gave her assurance that they belong to a loving community.

“It just makes me so happy that out of all the places I moved to that I moved to Jamaica Plain,” she said. “That’s so special to me. All these people really make me feel like I belong here too.”

Source: CBS Boston

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