Premature Kitten Survived, Thanks to Couple Who Nursed Her to Health

  • Hank needed constant attention and full-time care.
  • The kitten was born premature and malnourished, but a kind couple made it their mission to attend to her needs and keep her alive.
  • Today, the delicate kitten is capable enough and goes toe to toe with her siblings, never backing down in just about everything.

His sister鈥檚 cat is pregnant, and she delivered her precious new babies sooner than expected. Hearing this unexpected development, Taylor and his girlfriend rushed over. To their surprise, the kittens were malnourished.

Hank is the smallest from the kindle. Her condition is worrisome, especially since their mother wasn鈥檛 feeding her. This is another problem. She is underweight, more than most kittens. During their encounter, something just clicked. The couple made it their mission to attend to her needs and keep her alive.

The couple embraced these responsibilities and ensured around the clock supervision. Hank became a part of their routine.  The couple carried the kitten everywhere, fed her every two hours (even at night time), and made sure she is comfortable and warm at all times.

The critical period is now over. Hank鈥檚 parents ensured she receives constant love and attention, without which, their adorable kitten would be unable to pull through. Today, she moves on towards the next part.

Hank learned how to walk. From that point, she started to learn about other activities, including playtime with her big brother and her big sister: a husky pup and a black cat. Sure, the other animals are bigger than she is, but the kitten is able to hold her own opposite her siblings. What鈥檚 more, the once delicate kitten never backs down from a play fight!

One thing about this inspiring development is certain. Hank鈥檚 parents are the reason she is alive today.

Source: Inspire More

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